Paul Antonenko

Managing Director/Investments; Branch Manager, Minneapolis Market

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(612) 455-5550

About Me

I have been in the financial services industry since 1993, and in 1998 – when I had my first opportunity to take on a leadership role as a producing manager – I realized that I truly enjoy my conversations with financial advisors. 

This became apparent to me during a trip to see one of my financial advisors in Western North Dakota.  I met with him to discuss his business processes, networking, marketing, his goals and aspirations, family life, and more.  That same evening, I had a client meeting.  On my way home the next day, I realized the conversation I had with my financial advisor was simply more engaging than the one I had with my private client.  I liked both interactions, but my energy was completely different when working with my financial advisor. 

Since then, I have had the privilege of holding various leadership positions, such as a Training Manager, National Recruiting Director, Branch Manager, Business Development Coach, Regional Sales Manager, and Complex Director. 

What really changed both my life and focus occurred in 2004 – my wife, our five children, and I moved back to the Twin Cities with Piper Jaffray.  At the time, I was the National Recruiting Director for a very good firm with good people and felt like I was “on my way” as a leader in our industry.  Six weeks after settling back in, my five-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer – I am happy to say that she is now a college graduate and starting her professional career. 

When something like that happens, it opens one’s eyes to what is truly most important.  Frankly, my eyes were opened to number of things on a personal level, but I also recognized that I was not doing what I loved in the business – I wanted to be involved more deeply with financial advisors every day.  It was at that moment I decided to treat financial advisors and their teams as my clients.  I am committed to helping them pursue their goals.

I earned a B.B.A. in Financial Management from the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks and hold Series 3, 7, 8, 24, 31, 63, and 66 securities licenses.  

I currently live in Long Lake with my wife Liz, and are the proud parents of our five children Emily (and her husband, Andrew Tanner), Ashley, Katerina, Sam, and David.  Outside of business I enjoy spending time with my children, playing golf, coaching youth hockey as a level 4 USA Hockey Coach, Level 1 USA Hockey Official, a writer for Minnesota Hockey (The View from Center Ice Blog), and spending time on Lake Minnetonka with friends and family.